Google Sitemaps module for ZenCart

Last modified 10/20/2005 14:59:59

This is very small google sitemaps module for zencart.

Google Sitemaps

Only the top page, categories and products pages are listed.
Other noisy URLs are not listed.
I think that it is enough because it is for only googlebot.

This module works with zencart 1.2.4, 1.2.5 and 1.2.6.
It might work with zencart of other versions.
Moreover, it works with my url rewrite patch.


The installation of this module is very easy.
It is only one file.
Anything need not change another.

  1. Put gen_sitemap.php on your zencart root directory.
  2. Edit gen_sitemap.php.

Congratulations! Your gen_sitemap installation is now complete!


You must change $zenroot.

You can change three priorities.

$cpriority is priority of categories
$gpriority is priority of general products.
$spriority is priority of special products.
The maximum value of priority is "1.0000".
The minimum value of priority is "0.0001".


It can be used by three way.

  1. You cat access http://your_zencart/gen_sitemap.php with your browser.
  2. You can execute "php gen_sitemap.php" on command line.
  3. You can automatically execute gen_sitemap with cron.(UNIX)

Edit your /etc/crontab.

7  1  *  *  *  root  /usr/local/bin/php  /ZENCART_PATH/gen_sitemap.php

The sitemap.xml file is generated on your zencart root directory.
Please register it in google sitemaps.


I cannot support this module because I am not good at English.
However, please e-mail me for your opinions.
Because I use the translation machine, difficult slang words cannot be read.


ver0.4 Bug fixed. Time stamp function was renewed.
ver0.3 Bug fixed.
ver0.2 Bug fixed.
ver0.1 The proposal version


Thank you.